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We know that you need to navigate in a market that is in constant evolution and in need of originality. The first glance of a consumer’s eye on a shelf is often a guarantee of purchase or rejection. In the health and beauty industry, you need to stand out, but also trigger an emotion. 

At Avenue Labels & Packaging, we know the health and beauty space is competitive and we can help you in the development of your health and beauty products while respecting your needs. We will help you bring out the desired emotion so that the consumers choose you.

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With your product specs, we can produce labels that can adapt to a multitude of different applications to resist heat, freeze, or moisture all with the proper adhesive.

We can even produce you a 3D mockup! Our team of graphic engineers will guide you towards the best fit for your product.


As the health and beauty industry evolves, pouches are becoming the go-to packaging solution. Pouches are a barrier of protection for your products against a variety of different elements. Did you know that pouches can resist moisture and help preserve your food?

Shrink sleeves

From cosmetic to natural products to just about any bottle application; shrink sleeves are known to resist scratches and packaging damage. Shrink sleeves do not require any adhesive and are applied through heat.

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